Keune So Pure is a vegan and concentrated hair care line with certified natural ingredients. The range is gentle on the hair and good for the planet.

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Product type
Hair type
So Pure Clarify Shampoo
€30,95 €26,31
So Pure Clarify Conditioner
€33,95 €28,86
So Pure Cool Shampoo
€30,95 €26,31
So Pure Cool Conditioner
€33,95 €28,86
So Pure Polish Shampoo
€30,95 €26,31
So Pure Polish Conditioner
€33,95 €28,86
So Pure Restore Shampoo
€30,95 €26,31
So Pure Restore Conditioner
€33,95 €28,86
So Pure Restore Mask
€36,45 €30,98
So Pure Polish Mask
€36,45 €30,98
So Pure Dispenser 400ml
€4,40 €4,00
So Pure Dispenser 1000ml
€5,50 €5,00
So Pure Restore Shampoo Travel Size
€10,45 €8,88
So Pure Restore Conditioner Travel Size
€10,45 €8,88
So Pure Moroccan Argan Oil 45ml
€17,65 €15,00
So Pure Haarparfum
€59,95 €39,95

So Pure

The Keune So Pure line consists of natural and vegan hair care. Maximum results for your hair. Minimal impact on the planet.

Refillable hair care

So Pure offers refillable hair care. You purchase one refillable shampoo or conditioner bottle and then switch to refillable pouches. You use less plastic this way without having to think about it. So Pure is vegan, animal-friendly and eco-friendly. The range is gentle on hair and good for the planet.

So Pure is sulfate free
Are you hypersensitive to sulfates? The So Pure shampoos are all sulfate-free. The natural hair products contain no artificial dyes, with the exception of the Cool range.

The Keune So Pure collection consists of four lines:

▪️So Pure Cool: So Pure Cool products containviolet pigments that neutralize warm tones in hair.

▪️So Pure Restore: So Pure Restore leaves hair looking healthier and hydrated. This line provides rich, nourishing hydration for dry and damaged hair.

▪️So Pure Polish: So Pure Polish contains a combination of Polysaccharides from chia seeds, which helps to smooth frizzy hair and keep it smooth, even in humid weather.

.▪️So Pure Clarify: The So Pure Clarify shampoo and conditioner are deep cleansing products to remove impurities and product residue from the hair.

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