So Pure Polish

So Pure Polish contains a combination of polysaccharides from chia seeds, which helps to smooth frizzy hair and keep it smooth, even in humid weather.

Product type
Hair type
So Pure Polish Conditioner
€33,95 €28,86
So Pure Polish Shampoo
€30,95 €26,31
So Pure Polish Mask
€36,45 €30,98
So Pure Dispenser 400ml
€4,40 €4,00
So Pure Dispenser 1000ml
€5,50 €5,00

So Pure Polish

So Pure products are vegan hair products from Keune Haircosmetics.

This line is based on natural raw materials. They contain plant-based ingredients and smell wonderful. In addition, all products are not tested on animals and contain reduced plastic. The shampoo and conditioner are available in 2 different sizes of pouches. There are also 2 sizes of refillable bottles into which you can pour these pouches.

The So Pure Polish line consists of:

Keune So Pure Polish shampoo: contains a combination of polysaccharides obtained from chia seeds. This ensures that frizz disappears and the hair becomes and remains nice and smooth, even on humid days.

Keune So Pure Polish conditioner: provides extra nutrition and hydration to the hair and makes frizz disappear and makes the hair nice and smooth and shiny.

Keune So Pure Polish mask: is an intensively nourishing mask for frizzy hair. It leaves the hair feeling wonderfully soft and smooth and gives a beautiful shine.

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