Are you looking for a new job in hairdressing? There are 19 CFH salons and together we can see which CFH salon is the right match for you.

Are you currently following the BBL hairdressing training or are you still at the beginning of your hairdressing career? Then you can also come to us! Through our weekly trainings, we will train you to become an all-round hairdresser!

Why work at Care For Hair?

*Continue to develop yourself within the hairdressing profession through fun training and educational courses for both beginners and experienced hair stylists

*Creative colleagues where you work in a personal atmosphere

*A professional workplace, where you work with professional brands and materials

*Peasant terms of employment

*Full growth opportunities

*Always beautiful hair

*Two times a year team party with all colleagues of all salons

*Fill in the information below and we will contact you soon to schedule an interview.

Want to know more about CFH or do you have a question? Feel free to email and we will answer your questions.