Style | Wax

Wax is an ideal flexible styling product that you can restyle during the day. Hair wax gives strength to short and medium hair.

Product type
Hair type
Style Shaping Fibers 125 ml
€18,45 €15,68
Style Spray Wax 200ml
€18,45 €15,68
Style Forming Wax 125ml
€18,45 €15,68
Style Fiber Wax 125ml
€18,45 €15,68

Style Wax

Wax does not harden and is therefore the ideal styling product to re-style the hair during the day. It gives strength and shine to short and medium hair. Various end results can be achieved with a wax. You can choose from a wax with a shine finish or a matte finish. A wax is very versatile and therefore suitable for every hair type. Whether you have fine, thick or straight hair, you can go in any direction with wax.

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