The sun brings many great outdoor moments and it can also have benefits for your hair. This is because vitamin D makes your hair grow faster and sunlight stimulates the production of keratin in your hair, which is an important building block. Everyone knows how important it is to properly protect your skin from the sun, but a lot is still unclear about protecting your hair and scalp.

Sun protection for the hair
Once you go outside to enjoy the nice weather, it is very important to also protect your hair and scalp from UV radiation. Sunlight dries out your hair, fades your color and can cause a dry or even burned scalp. CFH offers several products to prevent this. For example, there are very fine and easy-to-apply products, such as an oil or spray that won't weigh your hair down. Our favorite is the Color Brillianz Conditioning Spray It is an ideal protection with UVA and UVB filters that optimally protects your hair and color from the sun. Not to be missed item in your beach bag!

Day at the beach or pool
If you are planning a nice day at the beach or swimming pool, then besides the sun, salt or chlorine are also factors that can damage your hair. They also cause your hair to dry out and your color to fade. Of course, I have some tips for you so you can have a carefree day.

*Toss your hair up before you cool off in the water and don't go underwater, or as little as possible.
*Can't resist going under head anyway or get thrown into the pool? Don't panic! As soon as you get out of the water, immediately rinse your hair with tap water so that chlorine and salt residue are rinsed out of your hair.
*If you plan on going headfirst, wet your hair with tap water first so your hair is already filled and can absorb less chlorine and salt.

Some additional tips
The sun is always there! In some places it is more often hidden behind the clouds than others. If you go out for a longer period of time, always use a product with UV filter to protect your hair and scalp.

Use fun accessories to protect your hair from the sun. Tie a thin scarf around your head, wear a nice hat or cool cap. Read here in our last blog three ways how to create three fun summer looks with one square scarf. If you don't like wearing something on your head, you could also opt for a braid so at least your lengths and ends are less exposed to the sun. And let's face it, a braid still contributes to the ideal beach look.

Beauty is inside and that is definitely true! Your diet also has a lot of influence on the health of your hair. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water, this way you ensure that your hair is better protected from outside influences.

Plan your visit to Care For Hair
After your vacation, schedule an appointment at your favorite CFH salon to boost your dry locks with a Bond Fusion Treatment. This is a conditioning sink treatment that gives your hair extreme nutrition. And have a nice dry haircut. You can schedule an appointment with us by phone, or here via our convenient online calendar.

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