So Pure Restore

So Pure Restore makes hair look healthier and hydrated. This line provides rich, nourishing hydration for dry and damaged hair.
Prickly Pear Extract helps hydrate each strand from within. It doesn't make the hair heavy.

Product type
Hair type
So Pure Restore Shampoo
€30,95 €26,31
So Pure Restore Conditioner
€33,95 €28,86
So Pure Restore Mask
€36,45 €30,98
So Pure Restore Shampoo Travel Size
€10,45 €8,88
So Pure Restore Conditioner Travel Size
€10,45 €8,88
So Pure Dispenser 400ml
€4,40 €4,00
So Pure Dispenser 1000ml
€5,50 €5,00

So Pure Restore

So Pure products are vegan hair products from Keune Haircosmetics.

This line is based on natural raw materials. They contain plant-based ingredients and smell wonderful. In addition, all products are not tested on animals and contain reduced plastic. The shampoo and conditioner are available in 2 different sizes of pouches. There are also 2 sizes of refillable bottles into which you can pour these pouches.

The Keune So Pure Restore line consists of:

Keune So Pure Restore shampoo: cactus five extract hydrates the hair from within and makes it look healthier and hydrated again. It is a mild and gentle cleansing shampoo for dry and damaged hair.

Keune So Pure Restore conditioner: prickly pear extract provides rich and nourishing hydration for dry and damaged hair. This conditioner keeps the hair weightless.

Keune So Pure Restore mask: for intensive hydration it is advisable to occasionally use a mask in the hair. The Restore mask penetrates deeper into the hair and hydrates on multiple levels.

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