Do you dream of longer and fuller hair? Give your locks a boost with professional products from Keune Haircosmetics for more hair growth and less hair loss. We have listed for you the 5 products that promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Read on quick!

5 products that promote hair growth

Derma Activate Shampoo
This shampoo with keratin ensures stronger hair and less hair loss.

Did you know that the Derma Activate line has won the prestigious Estetica HR 'Anti-Hair Loss' award? This means top quality hair care that makes your hair fuller.

Revive Balm

The innovative leave-in balm repairs damaged hair by up to 73%. Want to know more about this great product? Then read this blog and find out everything about how the Keune Revive Balm works.

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Instant Blowout

Prevent hair damage: use a heat protectant product in your hair before styling with heat tools. This spray protects up to 230°C. In addition, this spray gives volume to thin hair.

Read here 4 reasons why you always want to use a heat protectant. If you are curious about our other products with heat protection, click here .

So Pure Restore Mask

A moisturizing mask is a must for long and healthy hair. You use a hair mask once a week, if necessary a maximum of twice a week. You only use a mask in the lengths and ends of your hair. Would you like to know more about using a hair mask and why we recommend it? Then read this blog .

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Derma Activate Lotion

Stimulate your hair growth by massaging the Lotion into the scalp a few times a week. This award-winning product is an ideal spa treatment to combat hair loss and strengthen thinning hair.


Do you want advice for your hair? Feel free to drop by one of our salons or send a chat or email. We're happy to answer your questions to help you achieve longer, fuller hair.


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