Heat from a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron can damage your hair. The heat from a hair dryer or styling tool evaporates the water in your hair, leaving your hair dehydrated with serious consequences for the quality, shine and combability of your hair. We give you four reasons to always use a heat protection product before you reach for your styling tool or hair dryer from now on.

1. Heat protectants not only protect your hair but also nourish it
The heat protectant puts a protective layer between your hair and the heat source it is exposed to, trapping the moisture in your hair and preventing it from evaporating due to the high temperature of your styling tool or hair dryer. So by doing this, you ensure that your locks are less likely to get damaged or dry out.

2. Heat protectors give your hair more shine
Heat protectants close the cuticle, which is the outer layer of the hair. This makes the hair less porous and less frizzy. It looks smoother and more shiny.

3. Heat protectors reduce drying time.
Because your hair dries faster, the hair is exposed to the heat of the styling tool or blow dryer for less time.

4. Heat protectors improve combability
When your hair is more combable, it makes brushing easier and prevents hair breakage.

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Discover all the different Keune products with heat protection here.

Keune's heat protectors protect your hair up to 230 degrees. They come in many different varieties; spray, oil, serum, cream or leave-in treatment. Most types you can use on both damp and dry hair. This makes it very easy to use. And therefore easy to add to your daily haircare routine.

Here you will find our entire range of heat protection products. Each product describes what it can do for your hair and how to use it.

Would you like personal advice on which heat protectant suits your hair best? Then our hair stylists will be happy to advise you. Visit one of our salons or mail your question to webshop@careforhair.nl. We are happy to help you!

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