Heat from a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron can damage your hair. So don't forget to protect your hair with a heat protectant before you get started. Keune's heat protective products protect up to 230 degrees!

Product type
Hair type
Style Thickening Cream 200ml
€22,45 €19,65
Care Blonde Savior Leave-in Treatment 140ml
€28,95 €25,35
Style Hot Iron Spray 200ml
€22,45 €19,65
Style Soft Mousse 200ml
€22,45 €19,65
Style Straight Cream 200ml
€22,45 €19,65
Care Absolute Volume Thermal Protector 200ml
€22,95 €20,10
Care Lumi Coat Supreme Cream 95ml
€31,95 €27,15
Care Keratin Smooth Serum, 25ml
€28,45 €24,90
Care Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray 140ml
€24,95 €21,85
Style Instant Blowout 200ml
€18,45 €16,15
Style Blowout Gelée 200ml
€18,45 €16,15
Care Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream, 140ml
€28,95 €25,35

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