This week Keune launched a new product; the Revive Balm .
This innovative Vegan leave-in treatment offers powerful repair of damaged hair and ensures that your color is retained even longer - without weighing the hair down. The product also offers heat protection up to 230 degrees.

  • Repairs 73% of damaged hair

  • Retains 95% of the color after 5 weeks

What does the Keune Revive Balm do?

It is a Leave-in product to repair damaged hair. The Revive Balm provides ultimate hydration to the hair. It repairs and makes new connections in the fiber layer. The Revive Balm creates a shield around your hair, which preserves your color longer because pigments are enclosed.
The advice is to use this product five washes in a row. You can then use your styling products as usual.

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How do you use the Keune Revive Balm ?

You use 2 to 3 pumps. You apply this to towel-dried hair after washing. You can then comb and style your hair as you normally would. If you want to use other styling products, you can do so immediately afterwards.

Do you have any questions about this product? Feel free to email your question to Are you already convinced and can't wait to bring your hair to top condition with the Revive Balm? Then shop your Revive Balm here .