You've been hearing everyone talk about silver shampoo for years. Silver shampoo is especially for blond, gray or white hair. In this blog we take you into the world of silver products, because there are more products with violet pigments than just silver shampoo. We answer all the questions we often hear in the hair salon about silver shampoo.

What does a Silver Shampoo and Silver Conditioner do?
A silver shampoo or conditioner ensures that yellow tones and copper glow disappear from the hair, and makes blonde, silver, white or lavender tones shine. The silver products have strong violet pigments that neutralize the yellowish glow and other warm tones. With the shampoo you give your gray or bleached hair the perfect care. The purple shampoo preserves your hair color beautifully and accentuates the cool tones. The conditioner also helps make your hair healthy and strong.


How does the silver shampoo work? The color purple is opposite the color yellow on the color wheel. Colors opposite each other on the wheel neutralize each other. This will change your yellow locks into a beautiful ash-colored shade.


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For which hair color is a product with violet pigments suitable?
This purple shampoo is not suitable for every hair color. Various light hair colors with a warm undertone can use this shampoo.
  • Naturally blonde
  • Bleached hair
  • Highlighted hair
  • Platinum blonde hair
  • Ash blonde hair
  • Grey hair
  • White hair
Do you choose a Silver shampoo or a Silver conditioner?

Use a silver shampoo and silver conditioner in addition to your regular shampoo and conditioner. You can use the silver shampoo and conditioner together for an extra cool glow. Or separately, depending on your needs.

Silver conditioner is a great addition to your post-shampoo routine. The caring effect maintains the cool hue of the purple shampoo. Result? Healthy, cool, blonde locks. Alternate the silver conditioner with an extra nourishing conditioner. This way you ensure that you maintain your desired result.

How do you use a silver shampoo?

Silver shampoo retains color and prevents yellowing, but does not replace regular shampoo. Use the purple shampoo in addition to your regular shampoo. You can alternate between a silver shampoo and a nourishing shampoo, depending on your needs. If you notice that your hair needs hydration, you can supplement it with Vital Nutrition Shampoo , your hair is damaged with the Blonde Savior Shampoo , or you want more volume in the hair with Absolute Volume Shampoo .

You use the purple shampoo as follows:

  • Wet your hair.
  • Apply a small amount of silver shampoo.
  • Massage gently and let it absorb for 1-3 minutes. Do you want a more intensive effect? Then let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse the shampoo well.
  • Then use silver conditioner for optimal care. Let the conditioner work for 2-5 minutes.

Tip: Has your hair turned too purple after the silver shampoo? No problem. Wash your hair once or twice with your regular shampoo. You will soon see your desired color appear again.

Can you apply silver shampoo to dry hair?

Yes this is possible. Contrary to what you may think, it is certainly possible to apply silver shampoo to dry hair. In fact, purple shampoo can be effectively applied to both dry and damp hair. The primary purpose of this shampoo is to introduce color pigments into your hair, which also works great on dry hair. Using silver shampoo on dry hair neutralizes the color even more intensively. So if you like a gray blonde color then this is definitely recommended for you. It is essential to rinse the shampoo thoroughly after use.

Is silver shampoo harmful to your hair?

No, silver shampoo is certainly not harmful to your hair. We do recommend alternating your silver shampoo with a nourishing shampoo. And that together they are part of your laundry routine. The same applies to a conditioner, alternate it with a purely nourishing conditioner.

Keune Silver Savior Collection

Which silver products does Keune have?
There is a silver shampoo, silver conditioner and a silver mousse. The silver shampoo and silver conditioner are even available in two lines; Keune Care & Keune So Pure. The difference between these products is that So Pure products are vegan, natural and environmentally friendly.


What does the Silver Savior Foam Treatment do?

Do you want to complete your silver treatment? Then you can use a mousse for the finishing touch. The mousse is a styling product like you are used to from Mousse, but it contains violet pigments so that your silver color stays beautiful and cool for longer. So win-win!


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