We have many different styling products for men in our salons and in our webshop, but which product suits your hair and hair wishes? To make the choice as easy as possible for you, we have listed the 5 different styling products for men.

Keune Gel

Keune hair gel provides strong hold and great shine. Comb the hair tightly back, bring stubborn hair into line or opt for a classic quiff.

1922 by JM Keune Classic Gel : This gel provides extra strength and a great shine.

Style Ultra Gel: A super strong styling gel for intense hold and extreme shine.

Style Triple With an equally high shine factor, this gel is also perfect for sleek wet looks.

Style Brilliantine Gel: Style Brilliantine is a gel and cream in one. The combination with cream gives this gel flexible firmness and a fine shine. Keep loose hairs in place and prevent your hair from frizzing.

Keune gel for men CFH Care For Hair
Keune Wax

A hair wax for men is ideally suited for short to medium hair. With Wax you can easily restyle your haircut during the day.

Style Shaping Fibers: Are you looking for a high-quality product for extra texture and a radiant shine? Then go for Style Shaping Fibers!

Style Fiber Wax: A lightweight wax to add texture, volume and a natural shine.

Style Forming Wax: With the Style Forming Wax you can style and restyle the hair whenever you want. It provides medium hold and natural shine to any hair type and is particularly suitable for hair that dries quickly.

1922 by JM Keune Strong Hold Wax: This hair wax for men keeps your hair in shape all day long. And gives a perfect shine.

1922 by J.M. Keune Strong Hold Wax men CFH Care for Hair Keune webshop

Keune Paste

Paste gives your hair a lot of texture and a light hold. With Keune's hair paste for men you give short to medium hair extra strength and a matte finish.

Style Power Paste : The Style Power Paste is our bestseller. Do you like powerful styling? Then you need Style Power Paste. With this matte paste you can style your hair exactly how you want and enjoy maximum strength all day long. Because this strong paste is waterproof, even a heavy rain shower won't mess up your hair!

1922 by JM Keune Premier Paste : The Premier Paste is a versatile product that you can use on towel-dried hair for extra control. Or go for more hold and distribute it through dry hair for texture and volume that lasts all day.

Keune Paste for men styling product CFH Care For Hair
Keune Clay

Clay gives a matte finish and is therefore the ultimate styling product for men for a messy, casual look with thinner hair. Because the hair clay for men is a relatively stiff and dry hair styling product, you can easily create a hairstyle with a strong hold.

1922 by JM Keune Premium Clay : For a messy, casual style with texture, we recommend Premium Clay. The extra strength gives your hair more volume and ensures that it stays in place all day long.

1922 by JM Keune Moldable Clay: Knead, shape, style - and restyle with ease. Keune's Moldable Clay with Creatine offers a real clay experience! For a strong, but flexible hold and a matte finish.

Clay men's styling CFH Care for Hair Keune webshop
Keune Pomade

The pomade is the styling product for men with a stylish and slick hairstyle. A pomade is a fairly wet styling product and has an oily substance, which you can use to make your hair shine. Hair pomade is suitable for all hair types with short to medium hair.

1922 by JM Keune Original Pomade : This classic hair cream offers just the right hold and shine.

Pomade for men CFH Care For Hair Keune webshop

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