We are huge fans of the Keratin Smooth 2 Phase Spray . This spray is one of our most used products in our salons. And we have fantastic news: After months of absence, the 2 Phase Spray is back in stock!

Why are we fans of the Keratin Smooth 2 Phase Spray?
  • Fast leave-in spray
  • Does not weigh down your hair due to a low PH value
  • Deknots your hair instantly
  • Gives a smooth and shiny look to your hair
  • Contains Vegan Keratin
How does the Keratin Smooth 2 Phase Spray work?

With a leave-in spray you can easily comb out knots in your hair - or better yet: prevent them. So if you often suffer from tangles, this is your go-to leave-in spray.

First shake the Keratin Smooth 2 Phase Spray well. Then spray it on slightly damp or dry hair. No need to rinse - you can leave this spray on. If you then go through it with the comb or brush, you will notice that it becomes easier. And your hair gets a nice shine.

When else do you use the Keratin Smooth 2 Phase Spray?


When you go on holiday or when you go to the beach for a day, don't forget to take this product with you. This product hydrates and restores the PH value of the hair and also protects against dehydration. Spray your hair before and after you go into the sun with the Keratin Smooth 2 Phase Spray .

Heat tool

If you often use a heat tool, such as a hairdryer, curling iron or straightener, the 2 Phase Spray in combination with the Keune Style Hot Iron Spray is a 'perfect protection pair' to protect your hair. The Keune Care Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray with a low PH value closes the hair cuticles for a smooth and shiny look. The Style Hot Iron Spray protects the hair against heat, up to 230 degrees, and provides a beautiful shine. Together they ensure that your hair looks fantastic!

Keune Care Keratin Smooth 2 Phase Spray

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