Washing your hair is something you do with regularity, but do you ever stop to think about how you go through your hair washing ritual? By washing your hair the right way, you can improve the condition of your hair.

For example, did you know that with long hair, your ends are three to four years old? Your hair grows about one centimeter a month. That means that if you have made mistakes in your grooming routine in the past, it can therefore also take three to four years to cut out those damages.

We have listed some tips and tricks that will make you a pro at washing your hair!

1. Brush your hair before shampooing

If you have longer hair, it's good to give your hair a good brush before washing it to get rid of the loose hairs. These loose hairs can make your hair tangly during washing and can cause hair breakage.

2. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week

How often you can best wash your hair varies from person to person. Everyone's sebum production is different, so while one person may have oily hair quickly, another person can easily wash their hair once a week throughout the week without getting oily hair. Our tip is not to wash your hair more often than 3 times a week. This is because each time you activate your sebum production which can make your hair greasy faster.

Have you ever noticed that we in the hair salon often wash your hair twice with a shampoo? The first time, the shampoo primarily has a cleansing effect and removes product residue. On the second wash, the shampoo has the opportunity to penetrate your scalp and has a conditioning effect. This is why your shampoo often foams more during the second wash.

Do you already see your hair getting a bit greasier between washes? Then a dry shampoo is a perfect solution. This product absorbs the oils from the hair, leaving your hair fresh and clean!

3. Use the right shampoo

Which shampoo you want to use depends on your hair type. We recommend looking at what your "hair wish" is and what shampoo you need to achieve it. Do you have color-treated, bleached or dry hair? Choose a shampoo specifically for that hair type. The right shampoo can work wonders! Our stylists will gladly advise you which shampoo is best suited to your hair type.

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4. Use your shampoo and conditioner correctly

Many people tend to use too much product, which can be counterproductive because there is a chance that product will remain in your hair. If you put the shampoo and conditioner on your palm first, you can easily see how much you are going to use. If you make a circle on your palm the size of a euro coin, you have enough shampoo and conditioner.

With the shampoo you concentrate mainly on cleaning and caring for the scalp, the conditioner you apply lower down in the hair to the ends. When you apply conditioner to the scalp, it can cause the hair to become heavier at the roots, and thus more lifeless.

5. Don't turn on the faucet too hot

Hot water opens the hair cuticles, allowing the shampoo and conditioner to be absorbed properly. It is good to rinse your hair afterwards with some cooler water. This way the cuticles close again, trapping moisture and thus making your hair look more radiant.

6. Be kind to your hair when drying it

Wildly drying your hair with a towel does your hair no good, especially since wet hair is more prone to damage. It is better to pat your hair dry.

Tip: spray on towel-dried hair a leave-in product, this ensures better combability. These are available in different varieties, for example, pure conditioning, color protecting, or volumizing. Let this product soak in until your hair is almost dry and only then brush your hair. This will prevent damaged hair.

Do you always dry your hair with a hair dryer? Then protect your locks with a heat protection product.

7. Use a hair mask once a week

Want to give your hair optimal care and extra building blocks? Then use a hair mask about once a week. Apply it to towel-dried hair and after a penetration period of 5 minutes your hair feels supple again and shines like never before!

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We take care of your hair!

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