Autumn has made its appearance. We recognize the new season by the fact that it gets dark earlier again, the falling leaves from the trees and the recognizable smell that an autumn shower leaves behind. Our hair has to endure a little more during this period because of the colder temperatures, the rain showers and because we are constantly moving from being cold outside to being warm inside. Therefore, it is not an unnecessary luxury to take extra good care of our hair during this season. A hair mask gives your hair the extra care it needs. A lovely relaxing moment of me-time during an autumnal day.

If you are going to use a hair mask, it is important that you choose one that suits your hair and your hair needs. There are different types of masks. We work in the salon exclusively with the fine products of Keune Haircosmetics and if you visit our salons regularly, you have probably already enjoyed a relaxing moment at the sink with a Keune hair mask in your hair. How wonderful do these masks smell too, huh?

The Keune Care line offers five different hair masks, we explain each mask below so you can make the right mask choice.

Keune Care Color Brillianz hair mask

Keune Care Color Brillianz Mask is an intensive care mask for colored hair. The mask restores the moisture balance in your hair and makes it supple and soft.

Why does the Color Brillianz mask work?

The Color Sealing Complex gives your hair a long-lasting bright color.
Micro-tarweed proteins restore damaged hair.
Silk proteins make your hair soft and shiny.
Sunflower Extract protects your hair from free radicals.

Keune Care Curl Control Hair Mask

This mask is perfect for curly hair. It is a luxurious hair mask that provides optimal care. Thus, the active ingredients provide shine, softness and resilience without weighing down the hair. You get a better structure and texture. Moreover, it also prevents frizzy hair. The result: strong, elastic and resilient curls with lots of shine.

Why does the Curl Control hair mask work?

The innovative Curl Bounce System with wood-derived ingredients provides strength and vibrancy to curls.

Keune Care Keratin Smooth Hair Mask

This luxurious mask nourishes hair with Keratin and Keravis for significantly stronger, beautifully shiny locks. Keratin is a fibrous protein and an important component of hair. When hair is damaged, it loses keratin. A lack of this building block makes hair extra vulnerable. This mask replenishes keratin levels, both on the outside and deep in the core of the hair. This mask is therefore particularly suitable for people with damaged or normal to dry hair. After repeated use, your hair is silky, stronger, healthier and more manageable.

Why does the Care Keratin Smooth hair mask work

*Keratin and Keravis intensively nourish the hair and makes it stronger.

Keune Care Satin Oil hair mask

Satin Oil Mask is an intensely hydrating hair mask from Keune. Each strand of hair is deeply nourished and treated from the inside out. After treatment, hair is silky soft and has intense shine. Dull, dry or lifeless hair becomes vital and healthy again.

Why does the Care Satin Oil mask work?

Monoi and Papaya seed oils and sweet almond oil provide hair with intensive care. They penetrate into the core of the hair and repair dry and lifeless hair, restoring its radiance.
Five essential minerals regulate the scalp's moisture balance, restoring hair's suppleness and shine.
Yangu oil protects the hair shaft through naturally occurring antioxidants.

Keune Care Vital Nutrition hair mask.

This hair mask improves the elasticity of your hair. It also conditions, strengthens and gives shine to damaged hair. The result: more resistance and volume, protection from external influences and more combable hair. You can use this mask if you have fragile, very dry and damaged hair.

Why Care Vital Nutrition mask works

*Micro Wheat Proteins penetrate deep into the hair and restore its inner structure.
*Keravis complex strengthens the inner and outer layers of the hair.

Want to know more about which mask is right for your hair? Feel free to step into one of our salons. We will be happy to advise you!

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