A hair toner? You have probably heard the word when you have had a color treatment with us, but what exactly is it? In the past year the term hair toner has been used much more than before and that is why we explain to you in this blog exactly what this term means, so that you also understand what our CFH toppers mean during the consultation for your color treatment! By using a hair toner you can achieve your ideal color and your color will stay longer.

What is a hair toner?

Let's go a little deeper into the technical part. A hair toner is a semi permanent coloring that you apply into the hair to neutralize unwanted tones in the hair. The added pigments and the unwanted shades in your hair cancel each other out, leaving only the desired hair color. For example, a blue hair toner cancels out an orange hue. In short, hair toners add dimension and character to your hair, that's why we love them!

But, in what situations do we use a toner?

*Suppose you have a yellow glow in your hair after blonding? Then we use a purple hair toner. These purple pigments neutralize the yellow tones, leaving only your beautiful blonde hair color, yay!
*It also sometimes happens that you have an orange glow in your hair after blonding, this really depends on the heat and tones of your hair. When this occurs we use a blue hair toner. These blue pigments neutralize the orange tones, leaving only your beautiful blonde hair color or highlights.
*When you have a green glow in your hair (this is also possible), we use a red hair toner. These red pigments neutralize the green tones, leaving only your beautiful hair color!

What is very important to know, with a hair toner we use one shade to lift the colors, mixed with another shade to get to your desired color result, because hair toners also color your hair, in addition to being used to remove the yellow, orange or sometimes green glow. Thus, our color experts create a personalized recipe for each client at CFH, it really just looks like a beautiful color work of art, until you are satisfied!

Did you know.

*A hair toner is less aggressive than paint and therefore less harmful to your hair.
*Our hair toners have a gray coverage of up to 70%!
*Hair toners last up to 20 washes.
*Our hair toners can be mixed so that the color can be completely personalized to your color wishes, we love it!
*A hair toner with us costs 39.95 when combined with your color treatment.
*The Silsoft technology in our hair toners guarantees extra shiny and groomed hair.


The aftercare after using a hair toner is also very important. What kind of products should you think of for aftercare? Perhaps the most well-known is our Keune Care Silver Savior. A shampoo and conditioner duo that refreshes your hair with a yellow glow, makes it silvery and wonderfully soft, a real must-have for anyone who wants to go #ashy!

Hair inspiration

There are different types and combinations possible using a hair toner! So there really is something for everyone, check it out!

CFH Care For Hair Haar toner spoeling Kapper Keune

We take care, happy hair!

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