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Product type
Hair type
Repair Bundle
€67,35 €57,25
Volume Bundle
€63,35 €53,85
Sleek Hair Bundle
€67,45 €57,33
Shine Bundle
€63,35 €53,85

Mix Bundles

Are you looking for the right products for a specific hair type or look?

We have already made it a little easier for you to put together bundles.

This way you have all the products you need for your desired result.


Curl Bundle:This bundle consists of a shampoo and conditioner especially for curly hair and a Curl cream to beautifully style your curls. These products help prevent frizz and give your curls more bounce.

Repair Bundle:Do you want to give your damaged hair an extra boost and help it recover? This bundle consists of a shampoo and conditioner especially for dry and damaged hair. The Style Hot Iron spray protects your hair against breakage when using heat tools such as a hairdryer or straightener.

Shine Bundle:Are you missing some shine in your hair? This bundle with a shampoo and conditioner contains a mix of oils that do not make the hair greasy or weigh it down, but give it a great shine. Complete your look with the Style Brilliant Gloss spray for a radiant look.

Sleek Hair Bundle:Are you going for a sleek, shiny look? Then use this bundle containing: Style Straight cream that ensures that your hair is beautifully styled and stays put for the whole day. If you want some extra shine, you can run a pump of the Style Defrizz through your hair. And with the Style Humidity Shield you lock out all the moisture and prevent your hair from collapsing or becoming frizzy.

Volume Bundle:Could your hair use some extra volume? Then choose this bundle with a shampoo and conditioner for volume in the hair. The provitamin B5 nourishes the hair and makes it feel thicker. The Style Blowout Gelée is perfect to protect your hair while blow-drying, but also to give it an extra volume boost.

Questions or need advice?

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