A hair wax is ideal for short to medium hair and can be used for...
day to be restyled. Keune offers hair wax for every desired result:
a tousled look, flexible volume or natural shine.

Product type
Hair type
Style Shaping Fibers 125 ml
€18,45 €15,68
Style Forming Wax 125ml
€18,45 €15,68
Style Fiber Wax 125ml
€18,45 €15,68
1922 by J.M. Keune Strong Hold wax 75ml
€20,95 €17,81

Hair Wax

Hair wax provides shine, nourishment and hydratatue. It gives proper strength to short or medium length hair. It is flexible and restylable throughout the day.

Keune Style Shaping Fibers: enjoy flexible firmness and the delicious fresh citrus scent. This wax gives extra texture and radiant shine due to the fibers contained in the product.

Keune Style Forming Wax:is made from natural beeswax. This helps super well against dehydration and gives your hair a beautiful shine. In addition, this makes the coolest tousled looks with medium strength. And it is easy to rinse out because it is water-soluble. Handy if you want to change your look during the day.

Keune Style Fiber Wax:This wax contains fibers for flexible hold, ideal for shaping your hair into any shape. Does not aggravate gives a natural shine.

1922 by J.M. Keune Strong Hold Wax: contains creatine which gives nutrition to the hair and a shine factor of 8 for a super nice shine and flexible look.

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