Give your hair an intensive boost with Keune care products!

Product type
Hair type
Bond Fusion Phase 3
€32,95 €28,01
Care Blonde Savior Leave-in Treatment 140ml
€28,95 €24,61
Care Blonde Savior Mask
€28,95 €24,61
Care Blonde Savior Shampoo
€21,95 €18,66
Care Keratin Smooth Conditioner
€22,95 €19,51
Care Keratin Smooth Conditioner Travel Size
€11,45 €9,73
Care Keratin Smooth Mask
€28,95 €24,61
Care Keratin Smooth Shampoo
€21,95 €18,66
Care Keratin Smooth Shampoo Travel Size
€10,95 €9,31
Care Keratin Smooth Silkening Polish, 50 ml
€28,95 €24,61
Care Keratin Smooth Serum, 25ml
€28,45 €24,18
Care Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray 140ml
€28,95 €24,61
Care Lumi Coat Supreme Cream 95ml
€34,95 €29,71
Care Mirakel Elixir Concentrated Keratin Booster, 15 ampullen
€56,00 €47,60
Care Miracle Elixir Concentrated Keratin Spray, 140 ml
€28,95 €24,61
Care Satin Oil Conditioner
€22,95 €19,51
Care Satin Oil Mask, 200ml
€28,95 €25,48
Care Satin Oil Shampoo
€21,95 €18,66

Repair Treatments

Our hair can sometimes use a little extra attention and nutrition. That is why it is wise to use products that restore the hair every now and then.

The hair has to deal with all kinds of external influences and everything we do with it. Think of styling, blow-drying or curling.

People sometimes forget to care and treat the hair as well as the skin. For example against UV radiation or other influences.

Within the range of Keune are different recovery treatments.

Questions or need advice?

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