Keune lotion tackles hair and scalp problems directly at the core. The hair lotions are soothing to the scalp and have a soothing effect on itching, irritations and inflammation.

Product type
Hair type
Care Derma Activate Lotion, 75ml
€28,95 €24,61
Care Derma Sensitive Lotion 80ml
€28,95 €25,48
1922 by J.M. Keune Fortifying Lotion 75ml
€29,95 €25,46

Hair Lotion

A hair lotion helps with hair and scalp problems. The lotions soothe the scalp and combat itching and irritation.

The Keune hair lotion collection includes different lotions for different hair and scalp problems.

Derma Activate lotion helps with thinning hair

Derma Sensitive lotion against itching and irritated scalp.

1922 by J.M Keune Fortiying lotion is specially designed for men who suffer from thinning hair.

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