Balayage coloring came up as a trend about five years ago and then never went away. The balayage, like highlights, has become a true salon classic. Every day we make clients happy with balayage coloring and who knows, maybe we can inspire you too!

Let's start at the beginning and take you into the world of balayage. We answer four frequently asked questions!

What is balayage?

The term "balayage" is French for "sweeping" and that is how a balayage is normally applied. The color is swept onto the hair with a loose hand using a brush, creating a soft, subtle transition. The color is not applied directly from the roots, but lower down in the hair. This results in your cut containing subtle, lighter sections in the lengths.

Meanwhile, balayages are also often supplemented with subtle highlights from the roots. This way you have an even softer transition and the transition in your hair is also nice in color when you wear it fixed.

After balayage is put in, chances are a toner will be needed. A toner is a color neutralizer that makes your hair take on a natural hue. Our toners contain silsoft, which gives your hair extra shine. This makes your balayage look even more beautiful!

For whom is balayage suitable?

This coloring technique is suitable for anyone who wants a natural color result. A balayage is also perfect for anyone who does not want to spend every six weeks at the hairdresser, because you get no outgrowth.

It is possible to go with many variations and beautiful color combinations. Different shades can be combined for a dimensional result. In other words, whether you have brown, blonde, black or red hair, balayage can be done for you.

If you've dyed your ends before, it may be more difficult to lift your ends. Together we will look at the options for your hair. Sometimes because of the quality of your hair, your wishes cannot be achieved in one go, but together we will make a step-by-step plan to achieve your hair wish.

How often do you touch up a balayage?

A balayage is done about 4 times a year. Happy hair is healthy hair! Feel free to contact us for advice on updating your balayage. There are more possibilities than immediately doing your balayage again.

You can for example go for a touch up in between, where we touch up the hair around your face so that the transition continues nicely.

Have your lengths become warmer in color over time? Then by re-toning your hair, we can achieve the desired natural shade again. A toner is the ultimate refresh of your balayage color!

How do you care for your colored hair?

To enjoy your radiant locks as long as possible, we advise you to use a shampoo specifically for colored hair at home. A perfect shampoo is the Keune Care Color Brillianz Shampoo. This shampoo is mildly cleansing and because of its enrichment with Color Sealing Complex, fading of the color is prevented.

If you've gone for a cool blonde balayage, we recommend using the Silver Shampoo and Conditioner. This counteracts the yellow pigment in your hair, allowing you to enjoy your cool blonde color for a long time.

Do you have dry ends that could use a boost? Then we advise you to book a Bond Fusion treatment with your balayage. This protects your hair from the harmful effects of lightening your hair. And gives it the boost it needs resulting in shiny and groomed locks.

Happy balayage customers

We have highlighted a number of balayages below, these are created by our toppers in the different CFH salons. Get inspired!


Have we inspired you?

Are you inspired? We would like to work with you to see which color looks best on you. Come to one of our salons and let us advise you. You are always welcome!

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