Can't you think of a dry shampoo out of your regular hair products either? You can use it in so many different ways, it's ideal! You can use it against oily hair, create volume, tame, give more texture to your hair, for your curls or bangs! Dry shampoo is a versatile product and that is why it has been extended to three great products. What exactly does it do to your hair? Find out below!

Keune Style Dry Shampoo

First of all the Keune Style Dry Shampoo, it works without water. It absorbs the oils from the hair, leaving your hair fresh and clean! It also contains a UV filter and a lovely, fresh scent. We love it!

Dry Shampoo: how to use?

*First: shake before use!
*Keep 20/25 centimeter distance.
*Spray the Dry Shampoo on the greasier parts of the hair.
*Now you can style your hair and you are ready!

Keune Style Dry Conditioner

The humidity sometimes makes your hair feel not bouncy enough, but the conditioning and nourishing elements of this Dry Conditioner will quickly fix that! This gives your hair flexibility back in the lengths and ends, like you wanted! The Keune Style Dry Conditioner is an airy and soothing conditioner spray that won't leave hair greasy, are you ready?

How to use it?

*Shake well before use!
*Keep 20 centimeters away.
*Spray the Dry Conditioner on the lengths of dry hair.
8Style your hair, ready to go!

Keune Style Dry Texturizer

Do you love a matte dry shampoo and the texture you get from a press wax? Then the Keune Style Dry Texturizer is for you. This product gives a fresh but cool look to lengths and roots. This creates a casual, matte and modern effect in your hair!

How to use?

*Shake it before use!
*Keep about 20 centimeters away.
*Apply the dry texturizer to the roots and lengths of the hair.
*Style your hair, you are ready to go!

Get the look

These looks can be created with the Dry Shampoo, Dry Conditioner and Dry Texturizer. Which look appeals to you?


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