Meet the updated So Pure: the new refillable hair care line!

You purchase one refillable shampoo or conditioner bottle and then switch to refillable pouches. You use less plastic this way without having to think about it. So Pure is vegan, animal-friendly and eco-friendly. The range is gentle on hair and good for the planet.

Maximum results for your hair. Minimal impact on the planet.

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The So Pure range consists of 4 different lines.

Cool: Shampoo and conditioner

This line eliminates copper tones and refreshes silver tones through the purple pigment. The 'Cool' line combats color fading through antioxidant-rich acai berries.

Restore: Shampoo, conditioner and mask

Contains the essential nutrients for moisture-hungry hair. Give your hair a boost with the So Pure Restore products. Enriched with prickly pear extract, the products deeply hydrate each strand from the inside out.

Care For Hair CFH So Pure Keune

Clarify: Shampoo and conditioner

Thorough detox for a spotless feeling. Packed with pomegranate, Clarify products remove dirt and product residue while gently cleansing the scalp. It also protects against pollution by preventing dirt particles from adhering to hair.

Polish: Shampoo, conditioner and mask.

Go for frizz-free hair. The gentle approach polishes frizzy hair. Polish products are enriched with chia seeds and provide much-needed moisture for beautiful, resilient hair.

So Pure Care For Hair CFH Keune

How it works.

You can choose from a Cool, Restore, Polish or Clarify shampoo or conditioner. Discover all So Pure Products here.

1. Remove the sticker from your pouch.

You can label the contents of your refillable bottle with a handy sticker. Carefully pull it off the pouch.

2. Stick the sticker on your refillable bottle.

Stick the sticker on the cap of your refillable bottle so you can see at a glance what's inside. Refill the bottle and you can start caring for your hair again.

How to refillable Navulbaar So Pure Pouch Keune Care For Hair

Discover this beautiful new product line now at your favorite CFH salon or in our webshop. Our hair stylists will gladly tell you more about it!

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