Enjoy your favorite Keune hair products while traveling with our travel sizes . The most favorite Keune products can be found in a travel size package. The handy packaging is made to take with you in your hand luggage. The leak-proof caps ensure that you can enjoy the trip without worries and with pleasure with one of our Keune minis!

Good to know; The travel sizes contain exactly the same ingredients as the normal sizes. Your radiant look is therefore also guaranteed during your holiday!

Discover below which Keune travel sizes are available.

Keune Style Travel Size

Your favorite Keune styling products are of course also available in travel size. The Keune Style travel sizes are between 50ml and 100ml, which means they can be taken in hand luggage. Also ideal for a short trip, where you only take hand luggage!

Discover below which Keune Style travel sizes we have in our collection.

Power Paste travel size: all-day strength and waterproof
Triple X Gel travel size: super long hold
Free Style Spray travel size: provides smooth firmness
Root Volumizer travel size: volume from the hair root
Brilliant Gloss Spray travel size: let your look shine
Ultra Gel travel size: shine and heat protection
Dry Texturizer travel size: quickly create texture and volume
Strong Mousse travel size: maximum firmness and volume


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Keune Care Travel Size

Are you going on holiday, but do you want to use your favorite Keune Care care products? We have a travel size version of most shampoos and conditioners. The Keune Care shampoo and conditioner minis are 80ml and the masks 50ml.

Discover below which Keune Care travel sizes we have in our collection.

Color Brillianz Shampoo travel size: protects your color pigment
Color Brillianz Conditioner travel size: prevents color fading

Keratin Smooth Shampoo travel size: smoothing effect and shine
Keratin Smooth Conditioner travel size: smoothing effect and shine

Vital Nutrition Shampoo travel size: nourishes and strengthens
Vital Nutrition Conditioner travel size: restores your hair quickly

Tinta Color Shampoo travel size: sulfate-free shampoo
Tinta Color Conditioner travel size: care after a color treatment

Silver Savior Shampoo travel size: against yellow good
Silver Savior Conditioner travel size: makes you strong and healthy, without a yellow glow

Satin Oil Shampoo travel size: gives your hair shine
Satin Oil Conditioner travel size: helps against dullness

Blonde Savior Shampoo travel size: repairs the hair from within
Blonde Savior Mask travel size: repairs broken hair

Derma Sensitive Conditioner travel size: relieves itching and irritation
Derma Sensitive Mask travel size: intensive hydration

Keune travel sizes travel size Keune mini CFH Care For Hair


1922 by JM Keune Travel Size

The right care for your hair and beard should not be missed during your weekend away or holiday, which is why the travel sizes of 1922 by JM Keune are super handy. These are also 50ml and can therefore be taken in hand luggage.

Discover below which 1922 by JM Keune travel sizes we have in our collection.

Essential Shampoo travel size: gives strong and thick hair
Essential Conditioner travel size: keeps your hair in top condition
Fortifying Shampoo travel size: boost your hair growth
Deep Cleansing Shampoo travel size: reduces hair breakage
Purifying Shampoo travel size: prevents flakes
Refreshing Conditioner travel size : hydrates and nourishes

Keune travel sizes 1922 by JM Keune CFH Care For Hair Keune minis


Keune So Pure Travel Size

Two products from the updated Keune So Pure line are also available in travel size. This way you can continue your vegan and natural haircare on your holiday. The So Pure travel sizes have a 50ml capacity.

Discover below which Keune So Pure travel sizes we have in our collection.

Restore Shampoo travel size: hydrates every look
Restore Conditioner travel size: makes your hair look healthier


Keune So Pure travel sizes Keune mini's CFH Care For Hair


With the Keune travel sizes in your pocket, you can enjoy a weekend away or holiday without any worries!

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