So Pure Bundles

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Product type
Hair type
So Pure Cool Shampoo Bundle
€36,90 €31,37
So Pure Restore Conditioner Bundle
€39,90 €33,92
So Pure Polish Shampoo Bundle
€36,90 €31,37
So Pure Cool Conditioner Bundle
€39,90 €33,92
So Pure Restore Shampoo Bundle
€36,90 €31,37
So Pure Polish Conditioner Bundle
€39,90 €33,92
So Pure Clarify Shampoo Bundle
€36,90 €31,37
So Pure Clarify Conditioner Bundle
€39,90 €34,71

So Pure Bundles

Benefits of Keune So Pure!

*Vegan & not tested on animals!
*Refillable bottles to use less plastic.
*Natural ingredients.
*Hair solutions with something for everyone. *Concentrated formulas so you use less and get more.
*CO2 neutral, helps protect the forest by reducing and offsetting emissions.

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