With Keune hair mousse you create irresistible volume and soft-feeling hair. It is a versatile styling product.

Product type
Hair type
Style Strong Mousse
€22,45 €19,08
Style Salt Mousse 200ml
€22,45 €19,08
Style Soft Mousse 200ml
€22,45 €19,08
So pure Air Foam Strong 185ml
€17,65 €15,00
Care Silver Savior Foam Treatment 200ml
€28,95 €24,61


Some of the features and benefits of hair mousse are:

Adding volume

Hair mousse helps create volume in the hair by lifting and lifting it, especially at the hair roots. This is especially helpful for those with fine or lifeless hair.

Definition and texture

Mousse helps define curls and waves and improves the natural texture of hair. It can also help tame frizzy hair and create a smooth finish.


Hair mousse offers a light hold that remains flexible throughout the day. This means you can easily restyle your hair without it becoming hard or losing its shape.

Heat Protection

Some mousses contain ingredients that protect hair from heat from styling tools such as blow dryers and curling irons. This helps to prevent damage to the hair and keep it healthy.

Easy to apply

Hair mousse is easy to apply to damp hair. You simply distribute it over the hair and massage it in with your fingers or a comb.

Long-lasting style

Mousse helps maintain the desired hair style throughout the day, even under different weather conditions.

Hair mousse is a versatile hair styling product suitable for different hair lengths and types. It provides volume, definition and flexibility, making it a popular choice for people who want to style their hair in a way that feels and looks natural.

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