There is a Keune hair mask for all hair types. We have a hair mask for dry and damaged hair, a hair mask for curls, a keratin hair mask and of course a vegan hair mask. Choose the best hair mask for your hair.

Product type
Hair type
Care Vital Nutrition Mask
€28,95 €25,35
Care Blonde Savior Mask
€28,95 €25,35
Care Satin Oil Mask, 200ml
€29,95 €25,35
So Pure Restore Mask
€36,45 €31,90
Care Keratin Smooth Mask
€28,95 €25,35
Care Derma Sensitive Mask
€28,95 €26,05
Care Confident Curl Mask
€28,95 €25,35
Care Color Brillianz Mask
€28,95 €25,35
So Pure Polish Mask
€36,45 €31,90

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