Denman hair brushes are the choice for perfect styling and healthy hair. From curly to straight hair, from long to short and frizzy hair.

Product type
Hair type
Denman Styling Brush D81 Small
Denman Styling Brush D81 Large
€30,00 €25,50
Denman Stylingborstel D82 Small
Denman Styling Brush D81 Medium
Denman Brush Stylingborstel D82 Medium
Denman Paddle borstel D83 Large
Denman Stylingborstel D3 Medium
Denman Stylingborstel D82 Large
Denman Styling Brush D3 Medium
Denman Stylingborstel D4 Large
€20,00 €17,00
Styling Brush, D4 - Large
€18,50 €15,73

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