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Product type
Hair type
Style Shaping Fibers 125 ml
€18,45 €15,68
Style Ultra Gel
€18,45 €15,68
1922 by J.M. Keune Moldable Clay 75ml
€22,95 €19,51
Style Power Paste
€22,45 €19,08
Style Liquid Hairspray 200ml
€18,45 €15,68
Combi Deal Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner
€44,90 €38,17
Care Keratin Smooth Mask
€28,95 €24,61
Revive Balm
€53,00 €45,05
Style Spray Wax 200ml
€18,45 €15,68
Style Strong Mousse
€22,45 €19,08
Style Triple X Gel 200ml
€18,45 €15,68
Style Soft Set Spray 300ml
€18,45 €15,68

Best selling products

Vital Nutrition Combi deal shampoo and conditioner:The products from this line contain a combination of five essential minerals for soft and healthy hair. Nutri-Injection Technology ensures that the ingredients penetrate deep into the hair and hydrate intensively. These products are ideal for repairing damaged hair.

We also sell handy dosing pumps for the Care liter bottles.

Style Power Paste:With this matte paste you can style your hair exactly how you want and enjoy maximum strength all day long. It has an extreme hold factor and dries quickly. Because this strong paste is waterproof, even a heavy rain shower won't mess up your hair! This paste is resistant to all weather conditions and keeps your hair in shape all day long.

Care Keratin Smooth Mask:This is a mask that contains keratin, which makes your hair less likely to break and frizz. The Keratin makes your hair stronger and penetrates deep into the core of the hair to repair damage and protect your hair against breakage.

Style Shaping Fibers:This hair wax contains fibers that you activate by clapping your hands. Without the wax becoming heavier, you can enjoy flexible firmness and the wonderfully fresh citrus scent all day long.

Revive Balm:This innovative leave-in treatment offers powerful repair of damaged hair and ensures that your color is retained even longer - without weighing the hair down.

Style Spray Wax:Ultra-fine, light wax spray for your hair. It has all the good properties of a wax and is very easy to apply. Your hair gets texture and shine, and frizz is nowhere to be found after this wax spray.

Style Liquid Hairspray:A finishing spray that accentuates the texture and fixes your style. Use it to add texture, give hair a wet-look shine and as a finisher.

Style Strong Mousse:Mousse for maximum results with firm fixation. For luscious hair with incredible volume. The combination of caring ingredients and styling polymers keeps the hair healthy during styling. Ingredients such as panthenol provide good care and strengthens the hair.

Style Triple X Gel:This strong hair gel with hold factor 10 has every hair type and length under control. With an equally high shine factor, this gel is also perfect for sleek wet looks. Or create a crunchy effect that you don't have to look at all day.

Style Curl Cream:Firming cream for wavy to curly hair. Activates and creates bouncy curls. Provides excellent protection against the heat of styling tools and contains a UV filter.

Style Soft Set Spray:Gives your hair strength without making it rock solid. This means your hair remains flexible so you can continue to style it. In addition, this light lacquer gives your hair a nice shine and also provides a UV filter for the sun.

Care Confident Curl Leave in Curly:Experience the ultimate TLC for your coarse curls with our multifunctional, ultra-rich cream. This Confident Curl leave-in curl cream provides unparalleled smoothness, shape and shine. Recommended for curl type 3A-4A.

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